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NOTE: Artists impression. 'casual friday' was taken literally. PPS. Not of German descent.

Brett Crockett

Father, Sculptor, Creative Spirit

From a working life starting in 89' in the advertising and graphic design industry in Auckland, London and Gisborne, Brett has developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of design principals and construction methods. As the Creative Director of many design companies over the years Brett has also helped his clients to explore, develop then present their 'stories' to the world.

As the son of a goldsmith, Bretts early interests leaned towards 3 dimensional sculptural works. If he wasn't trying to create 'the one ring' using his father
John Crockett's jewellery
manufacturing facilities, Brett was most likely creating some abstract welded interpretation of the Death Star.

He has designed and manufactured awards for national
organisations utilising various construction methods
including diecasting, aquacutting, metal fabrication
and the odd piece of blutak and ducktape.

Brett has two awesome sons, Leo and Jai and his
humour is only mildly tolerated by his partner Nickys

sons, Jacob, Jayden and Cassidy.

Email Brett a message

or instantly chat on mobile 021 902 261

Bretts passion is to create sculptures that challenge perceptions, enable people to go deeper within themselves and explore their wonderous potential.

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